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traditional Archery

Both youth and adult classes available, or bring the family to adult classes. No fancy sights, levels, counterweights, or cams. Traditional instinctual archery is a meditative practice, a martial art, and a cardinal survival skill. Our classes focus on stance, form, breath, and release. Traditional archery is a dance with you bow and arrows. Instinctual archery dates back over 20,000 years and changed the way that humans lived. It's fun, it's calming, it's exciting, its easy to learn, and you can come back to use the range during "Open Range" time after you've taken a course.


Blacksmithing Basics

Both youth and adult classes available or bring the family to an adult class (ages 12+) Harken back to times of old, when blacksmiths were an integral part of human culture and society. In this class students learn to create beautiful and functional works of art made from steel using only traditional hand tools. Each class promises a different surprise project. Will you make a hanging hook? A bottle opener? A cloak pin or brooch? It's a surprise! One thing is for sure. You will leave class with an understanding of blacksmithing techniques and a beautiful, decorative, and unique piece. 



Adults only (16+ with an accompanying ticketed adult). Our most popular class by far, bladesmithing is one of the most challenging projects we offer. This 5 night class includes the forging of your knife using traditional methods, woodworking a handle, beveling, heat treating, sharpening, and polishing a full tang, fixed blade knife out of 1095 high carbon steel. Your knife will be a work of art as each student's personality is hammered into steel. You will be challenged, but one thing is for certain, you knife will be sharp and ready to bring to a survival class.


Beginner Bow Making

Adults only (16+ with an accompanying ticketed adult). This is the only place you'll find it in the bay. Beginner bow making is the start to an addictive hobby. Making a bow may, at first glance, seem relatively easy. However, a bow is a truly unique simple machine; everything has to be carefully chosen and precisely worked for a bow to function correctly. In this class make a hickory "board bow" using primarily hand tools and go from raw materials to something you can be proud to bring to the range.


Survival Basics

Family Friendly! 12+ must be ticketed and with an accompanying ticketed adult. Children younger than 12 cannot be registered students and are therefor the sole responsibility of their guardians. Friday night to Sunday afternoon, spend two nights camping with us and learning the basic skills necessary for survival. Class includes fire, shelter, and water purification as well as tons of other info depending on the instructor. Please bring your own food and camping gear. If you do not have access to camping gear please email us and we will either ent or provide you with the gear you need. There is a packing list under the "COMMUNITY" section of our site.

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Animal tracking and bird language

Adults only (16+ with an accompanying ticketed adult). A true connection with nature, and our place in it, begins with understanding its residents. Animal Tracking and Bird Language is the trailhead for that path. Friday night to Sunday afternoon, spend two nights camping with us and learning about the creatures of the forest, how they move, how they communicate, and what they can tell you.



Family friendly (10+ with an accompanying ticketed adult). In this weekly 2 hour class/club, students learn the fine art of shaping stone into functional tools like arrowheads, spearpoints, hand axes, knife blades, and more! This ancient art takes many hours of practice and experimentation to master, so we have made it as affordable as possible to encourage returning, but there is a group size limit so we also offer toolkits and stone for sale to practice at home.


Animal Processing

Adults only. This 3 day course happens one day per week consecutively (hide tanning is a time sensitive process). Students will learn to skin, butcher, and tan a rabbit. We only offer this class once or twice per year and there is a very small class attendance limit, so if you catch it, register right away! 

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